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Amber Sylvan, PH.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Are you an overwhelmed college student, wondering how to balance it all? Do you struggle with anxiety or stress? Do you wish you could control emotions that feel completely unmanageable?


Do you consider yourself introverted, quiet, or shy and are yearning for understanding? Tired of being misunderstood for your geekiness or nerdy hobbies and just want someone that implicitly "gets it"?

Finding the right therapist can feel so overwhelming! But a good fit is important and I'd like to help you figure out if I'm the right person for you. 

If you'd like to learn a little more about me and the kind of work I do, read onward.

Purple Glow


I help adults overcome their struggles with anxiety, depression, trauma, and overwhelming emotions. I specialize in working with young adults and college students and as a self-identified nerd, I take care to provide a safe, geek-affirming space. As someone who integrates many different types of therapies, I try to fit my approach to who is sitting in front of me to best suit their needs. 

I also provide letters for trans individuals securing gender-affirming medical care.