● Struggling with new or ongoing depression or anxiety while pregnant

● Difficulty adjusting to new roles or expectations; feeling pressured or overwhelmed

Postpartum Depression (PPD)

● Persistent feelings of sadness, frequent crying spells

● Feeling completely overwhelmed, questioning the decision to become a parent

● Intense guilt

● Difficulty bonding or forming an attachment with your baby

● Frequently feeling irritable or angry

● Hopelessness, feeling like a failure

● Feeling empty or numb, going through the motions

● Inability to sleep despite being exhausted

● Overeating or lack of appetite

● Difficulty concentrating or making decisions

● Feeling disconnected

● Social isolation, difficulties in your relationships

● Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide

● Recurrent thoughts of hurting your baby

Postpartum Anxiety and OCD

● Feeling anxious, nervous, tense frequently

● Feeling restless or on edge

● Persistent feelings of dread

● Constantly feeling the need to do tasks such as cleaning

● Excessive worry or fears

● Afraid of being alone with your baby

● Frequently imagining scary scenarios

● Low appetite

● Sleep problems

Difficult Birth Experiences

● Difficulty reconciling a disappointing birth experience

● Difficulty reconciling a difficult or traumatic birth experience

Do I need help?

If you feel completely overwhelmed, paralyzed, and unable to cope, or are thinking about suicide, it's time to get help. Seeking help as a new parent can be difficult. Many people struggle with the stigma of getting help and struggle with guilt over not feeling completely overjoyed at having a new baby.

Getting help

Counseling and psychotherapy can help new parents overcome Postpartum Depression and Anxiety and traumatic birth experiences. I offer individual therapy for new parents struggling with these issues. I am welcoming of parents who identify as trans men or NB. Please see my page on Individual Psychotherapy for the next steps.

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