● Anger, irritability, or rage that is difficult to control

● Blowing up at small problems

● Breaking or damaging things while angry

● Difficulty with interpersonal relationships

● Frustration, paranoia, anxiety, or depression

● Difficulty communicating thoughts and emotions

● Sleep problems

Do I need help?

Have your relationships and the major areas of your life been negatively impacted by your irritability and anger? Have you exploded or lashed out at others, unable to regulate your anger? Have you lost friends, struggled in your romantic relationships, or had difficulties at  work due to anger? Have you been reprimanded damaged relationships at work, or even lost your job due to anger issues? Do you find it difficult to control or cope with your anger?

These are all signs that you may need additional help. Sometimes, anger issues can stem from other ongoing problems such as trauma or PTSD, addiction, difficulties regulating emotions, and personality disorders. Whether your anger and irritability is your sole problem or whether it stems from others issues, it can have a dramatic and debilitating impact on your quality of life.

Getting help

Psychotherapy or counseling can help you manage and decrease your difficulties with anger and irritability. Individual and group therapy can both help to target anger management concerns. I offer individual therapy for assistance with anger issues. For the next steps, please see my page on Individual Psychotherapy.

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