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It's easy to feel lost and overwhelmed when considering a career to pursue. I offer career assessment and counseling for high schoolers and adults thinking about a future career or college major and adults who are looking at changing to a different career. My services focus on career exploration--I do not provide employment placement or resume review.

As part of your career assessment, I will evaluate your career interests, skills, values, and personality. Additionally, I will help you to navigate common concerns that act as roadblocks to finding a profession that you love. I also review skills for getting the job that you want, and tools for lifelong vocational self-assessment.

Assessment Process

I start with a Career Intake (50 mins) to get an understanding of your vocational goals and background. As part of this appointment, I may also administer a brief measure of your values. Next, you will complete a range of tests that asses your vocational interests, skills, and personality. Finally, I will provide you with a career report and feedback session (1.5 hrs). This report will include some helpful materials for continuing career exploration. Some people find it helpful to utilize individual career counseling sessions to address other career-related concerns.


Is there a set price for career assessment?

No, there is no set price. We select assessments during the career intake based upon my recommendations for your career goals and your personal budget.

I would like to get career assessment for my high school-aged teenager. What can I expect?

Thank you for taking interest in your child's future! Career assessment can be a valuable experience for high school students who are thinking about their future career and college major. Some high school vocational tests administered in school can be sadly lacking. With my career assessment, you are guaranteed the use of helpful, valid, and rigorous vocational tests interpreted by an experienced professional.

The career assessment is appropriate for juniors and seniors in high school. The career intake session is 1 on 1 with myself and your child. At the end of the intake session, parents or caregivers are invited into the session to agree upon the next steps and ask any questions.

Your child will then complete a series of computer-based and/or paper-based assessments. Please allow your child to complete these assessment without assistance, which may invalidate the tests.

What is included in the career report and guide?

The career report includes the results of all the vocational assessments that you completed, a summary of your results, and additional helpful information for your continued vocational self-assessment, and tools and techniques for finding a career that suits your needs. These materials are presented to you with full color pages in a small binder. Each report is unique to each individual, and I pride myself on customizing your report to your needs.

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